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Discover the
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I’m Dr. Valerie Youngblood, a precision medicine doctor focusing on your brain health, your physical longevity and your heart’s happiness. Your cognitive empowerment is my specialty and I incorporate personalized science backed strategies to affect concrete, long-lasting change in your body, mind and spirit.

I believe that women are the salvation of this world. In order for women to attain the goals they have set for themselves in health, wealth, relationships, and their role within humanity, they must have an optimal vessel and space in which to create and manifest. I help women to strategically optimize the health of their body, mind, and spirit; reduce their risk for dis-ease, and create a personalized plan of action to accomplish it.

Helping women reconnect with their innate personal power and be the best that they can be, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, is my mission.

I love to see my patients wake up and realize the incredible power that resides within them.

The power to take back control of their own health journey.

The power to make lasting lifestyle changes that give them more energy, clarity, peace, gratitude, and joy, each and every day.

The power to tap into their own intuition and honor their body’s inherent, self-healing wisdom.

The power to grow and change in ways that will help them live longer, happier, more balanced lives and age with grace and dignity.

I am blessed to have spent the past 20+ years helping women of all ages better understand their health and their unique bodies, uncover the root causes behind their symptoms, and discover true and lasting healing. I help women remove the imbalances in their lives so that they can shine fully — mind, body, and soul.

You have a powerful role to play in your own health journey — I can help you discover it.

If you want to stay active, healthy, and vibrant throughout your entire life, you need to be proactive. This means not only treating symptoms as they appear, but making healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that will prevent future illnesses or cognitive decline.

Through my Phenomenal Woman Mentorship and online programs, you’ll learn how to make powerful improvements to your overall health using all of the tools in the tool shed… including those that most people don’t even know exist!

Uncovering the full picture of your health means looking beyond the physical. My integrative approach addresses not only the biological, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual. If your body is a vehicle, your mind is the engine that drives it and your spirit is the fuel. Each of these must be in top shape if you want to perform at your best and achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

Too many women settle for health care that doesn’t truly address their needs or meet them where they are. Reconnecting with your own divine feminine strength and using it to create a beautiful, healthy, and fulfilling life is one of the most powerful things that you can do. I’d love to help you get started today.