Valerie Youngblood

I’m Dr. Valerie

I’m a precision medicine doctor, longevity/ anti-aging expert, holistic health/life coach, wellness speaker, creative, and best selling Amazon author.

As creators, healers, artists, scientist and entrepreneurs, I believe women will be the salvation of this world. For the past 20 years, I’ve devoted my career to helping women of all ages live healthier more balanced lives and unlock their full potential.

My integrative approach focuses on discovering and treating the root causes of illness, rather than just their symptoms, by addressing cellular health, hormonal and endocrine imbalances, diet, physical fitness, and other lifestyle factors, as well as potential environmental toxins. Beyond these, I also address mindset and mindfulness.

My goal through my Phenomenal Woman Mentorship, online programs, books, and speaking engagements is to empower women to become more directly involved in their own health outcomes.

The medical side is easy but nothing usually happens for good or long-lasting until the hard drive of the brain is reprogrammed to actually run the software. In other words, you must have a fertile and positively focused mindset within a healthy brain. It is all well and good to believe but it is imperative that you know. In order to “flip the switch”, you must know and know it in your being to truly affect the change you desire.

When you know it in your being, you then need to know HOW. How to create the change you desire in your life. You need a mentor, a guide. I have been that mentor to many women on the journey and successful in doing so. This is my world. This is what I love doing. Come. Join us.

My Story

I identify as both a physician and an artist. My natural creative path led me to major in Fine Arts in college, until I became ill and needed to be hospitalized. During my time in the hospital, I was enthralled with and inspired by the respect, knowledge, power, and integrity of the nurses. This experience helped me tap into my inherent need to take care of people, and I became an RN and critical care nurse. I enrolled in medical school after the wonderful doctors I worked with insisted that I needed to become a doctor!

I trained in Internal Medicine, then in Emergency Medicine. I began practicing in 1985 and through my years working in intensive care units, private practice, outpatient clinics, medical spas, urgent care clinics, as well as the emergency department, I witnessed firsthand the growing epidemic of chronic disease… and the inability of standard care to effectively prevent it.

By 2004, I had become disillusioned with traditional managed care… and I intuitively knew there was a better way.

I understood that people want to be authentically acknowledged, listened to, and guided with compassion and knowledge toward achieving their goal of optimal health and wellbeing. My desire to focus on health creation rather than disease led me to embrace a cutting-edge method of providing health care that proved to be a major paradigm shift from all that had come before: Functional Medicine.

I became one of the first doctors to be certified in integrative holistic medicine, a discipline that addresses the whole person, body, mind, and soul, and restores health and wellbeing through a range of practices including lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements, and mind-body techniques. I shifted my method of practice toward viewing a person in totality, treating the root cause of dis-ease, and restoring balance. I believe that this holistic, preventive, patient-centered approach will be the fundamental method of practicing medicine in the future — and it can be accessed right now. As I have evolved, so has the medicine that I practice and I have consolidated the modalities into what is now known as precision medicine.

My Education
& Training

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and then completed my residency in Internal Medicine. I am certified in Integrative Medicine and, having completed my studies in Functional Medicine, am a candidate for certification via the Institute of Functional Medicine.

My diverse experience has allowed me to sharpen my skills in the management of complex medical conditions relating to premature aging and brain health. I am an expert in longevity and memory loss and certified in The Bredesen Recode Protocol, an approach to preventing and reversing cognitive decline. Through my functional precision medicine clinic, Youngblood International, I help women reduce and prevent cognitive impairment, improve their overall brain health, and make lifestyle changes that will help them enjoy a lifetime of health and wellness. My book, The Youngblood Code, is a comprehensive guide to beginning your optimal health journey and living a longer and more productive life!

Over many years of working with my patients, I’ve realized that my desire to heal has been driven by an innate spiritual imperative to serve. I believe that true wellness comes from within and requires alignment of the physical, emotional, and spiritual. In addition to my medical education, I am trained and/or certified in:

I am a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine, and a Fellow in the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. I hold memberships in the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, San Diego Medical Society, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Society of Aesthetic Medicine, and American College of Nutrition.

I live in La Jolla, California, with my family and my two King Charles Cavaliers, Marcus and Marcellus, who bring me joy and keep me healthy!